Alison L. Gould

PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology



2016         Ph.D.    Ecology and Evolutionary Biology • University of Michigan                  

2009          M.S.    Marine Biology San Francisco State University Estuary & Ocean Science Center  

2005          B.A.     Mathematics Biology University of Virginia


Current        Research Scientist • California Academy of Sciences • Ichthyology • Microbiology

Current        Adjunct Research Professor • San Francisco State University • Biology Department

Current        Sandler Faculty Fellow Affiliate • University of California, San Francisco

2018             NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in Biology • California Academy of Sciences, Ichthyology

2017             Postdoctoral Fellow • University of California, Berkeley • Molecular and Cell Biology

2015-16        Rackham Predoctoral Fellow • University of Michigan (UM)

2013-14        Carl L. and Linda Hubbs Fellow • University of Michigan Museum of Zoology (UMMZ)

2012             Assistant Curator • UMMZ • Ichthyology Division

2009-10        Research Technician • Taxon Biosciences, Inc. • Tiburon, California


Gould, AL, JB Henderson, and AW Lam (2021) Chromosomal-level genome assembly of the bioluminescent cardinalfish Siphamia tubifer, an emerging model for symbiosis research. bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/2021.09.03.458932

Gould, AL, A Gaisiner and A Fritts-Penniman (2021) Museum genomics illuminate the high specificity of a bioluminescent symbiosis across a genus of reef fish. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9:630207

Gould, AL and PV Dunlap (2019) Shedding light on specificity: population genomic structure of a symbiosis between a coral reef fish and luminous bacterium. Frontiers in Microbiology 10:2670

Gould, AL, V Zhang, B Obadia, A Gavryushkin, L Lamberti, N Beerenwinkel, E Jones, J Carlson and W Ludington (2018) Microbiome interactions shape host fitness. PNAS 115(51): E11951–E11960

Gould, AL and PV Dunlap (2017) Genomic analysis of a cardinalfish with larval homing potential reveals genetic admixture in the Okinawa Islands. Molecular Ecology 26:3870-82

Gould, AL, *K Dougan, *S Koenigbauer and PV Dunlap (2016) Life history of the symbiotically luminous coral reef fish Siphamia tubifer (Perciformes: Apogonidae). J Fish Biology 89:1363-1377

Gould, AL, S Harii and PV Dunlap (2015) Cues from the reef: olfactory preferences of a symbiotically luminous cardinalfish. Coral Reefs 34:673–677

Gould, AL, S Harii and PV Dunlap (2014) Homing behavior and site fidelity of the symbiotically luminous cardinalfish, Siphamia tubifer (Perciformes: Apogonidae). Marine Biology 161:2897-907

Kimmerer, WJ, T Ignoffo, A Slaughter and AL Gould (2014) Food-limited reproduction and growth of three copepod species in the low-salinity zone of the San Francisco Estuary. J Plankton Res 0:1-14

Dunlap, PV, AL Gould, ML Wittenrich and M Nakamura (2012) Symbiosis initiation in the bacterially luminous sea urchin cardinalfish Siphamia versicolor (Perciformes: Apogonidae). J Fish Biol 81:1340-56

Urbanczyk, H, Y Ogura, TA Hendry, AL Gould, N Kiwaki, JT Atkinson, T Hayashi and PV Dunlap (2011) Genome sequence of Photobacterium mandapamensis strain svers. 1.1, the bioluminescent symbiont of the cardinal fish Siphamia versicolor. J Bacteriology 193:3144-45

Gould, AL and WJ Kimmerer (2010) Development, growth, and reproduction of the cyclopoid copepod Limnoithona tetraspina in upper San Francisco Estuary. Marine Ecology Progress Series 412:163-77

Kimmerer, WJ and AL Gould (2010) A Bayesian approach to estimating copepod development times from stage frequency data. Limnol Oceanogr Methods 8:118-26

*undergraduate students mentored


2018-23      NIH Director’s Early Independence Award (DP5) • $1,250,000

2017-19      NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biology Research Using Biological Collections • $138,000

2014           NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (DDIG) • $17,510

2014           PADI Foundation Grant • $4,550

2014           Graduate Women in Science (GWIS) National Fellowship • Honorable Mention

2014           Susan Lipschutz Award for women scholars • Rackham Graduate School, UM • $6,000            

2013-15      Ichthyology Graduate Student Awards • UMMZ • $6,220

2013           Robert and Francis Miller Ichthyology Award • UMMZ • $1,000   

2013           Rackham International Travel Grant • UM • $1,200

2012           Rackham International Research Award • UM • $5,000    

2011-13      Rackham Graduate Student Research Grants • UM • $4,500       

2011-12      Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Block Grants • UM • $3,258      

2008           Robert W. Maxwell Scholarship • San Francisco State University (SFSU) • $4,000


2017-19      NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biology (PRFB) • California Academy of Sciences (CAS)

2015-16      Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship • Rackham Graduate School, UM

2013-14      Carl L. and Linda Hubbs Fellowship • UMMZ

2011           NSF East Asia and the Pacific Summer Institute (EAPSI) Fellowship • Okinawa, Japan

2004        NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) • University of Alaska, Southeast

TEACHING EXPERIENCE                 

2014           Ecology Lab (EEB372) • Graduate Student Instructor • UM

2011-13      Animal Diversity (BIO288) • Graduate Student Instructor • UM

2010           Introductory Ecology & Evolution (BIO171) • Graduate Student Instructor • UM

2008           Biological Oceanography (BIO582) • Teaching Assistant • SFSU


2021           University of California, Davis • Center for Population Biology

2021           PacBio Webinar • Museum Genomics

2020           San Diego State University • Biology Department • San Diego, CA

2019           Washington State University • School of Biological Sciences • Vancouver, WA

2019           Mini Symposium on Biological Interactions • Carnegie Institution for Science • Baltimore, MD

2019           Eco/Evo Lunch Seminar • Biology Department • Stanford University • Palo Alto, CA

2019           Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology • Harvard University • Cambridge, MA

2018           Institute for Biodiversity Science and Sustainability Seminar (CAS) • San Francisco, CA

2017           Rosenberg Institute Seminar • Estuary and Ocean Science Center • SFSU • Tiburon, CA

2017           Bay Area Postdoc Symposium • Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Novato, CA


2020           Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology • Austin, TX

2019           2nd International Fish Microbiota Workshop • Eugene, OR

2018           7th Conference on Beneficial Microbes • Madison, WI

2017           7th Annual Symbiosis Meeting • Yosemite, CA

2016           13th International Coral Reefs Symposium • Honolulu, HI

2016           Western Society of Naturalists Annual Meeting • Monterey, CA

2015           Fish at Night Symposium • Miami, FL

2015           Western Society of Naturalists Annual Meeting • Sacramento, CA

2015           Benthic Ecology Meeting • Québec City, Québec, Canada

2014           Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting • Sacramento, CA

2014           Western Society of Naturalists Annual Meeting • Tacoma, WA

2013           9th Indo-Pacific Fish Conference • Okinawa, Japan

2009           Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation Conference • Portland, OR

PATENTS AND OTHER PUBLICATIONS                                 

E Jones, L Lamberti, AL Gould, V Zhang, B Obadia, A Gavryushkin, N Beerenwinkel, J Carlson and W Ludington (2019) How do microbes shape fruit fly fitness? Biomedical Science Journal for Teens

Ashby, M, L Wood, U Lidström, C Clarke, AL Gould, D Strapoc, AJ Lambo and BJ Huizinga. Compositions and methods for identifying and modifying carbonaceous compositions. US Patent 9,206,680 B2. December 8, 2015


Peer Reviewer  Molecular Ecology, Behavioral Ecology, Marine Ecology Progress Series, Frontiers Micro, Frontiers Ecol Evol, PLoS ONE, ISME J, J Fish Biology, J Continental Shelf Research, Marine Biodiversity, Current Zoo, FEMS Microbiology, Genes, eLife, Comp Phys Biochem

2020           NSF Panelist • Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology

2019-21      Volunteer • Skype a Scientist

2018-19      Project Mentor • Careers in Science Internship Program (CAS)

2018-19      Volunteer • NightLife events at CAS

2014-16      Regional Coordinator Great Lakes Bowl, National Ocean Science Bowl

2014-15      Elected Representative • Admissions Committee, EEB Department (UM)

2013-14      Volunteer Females Excelling More in Mathematics, Engineering and the Sciences (FEMMES) capstone event (UM)

2012-15      Volunteer ID Day (UMMZ)

2012-13      President • Graduate Researchers in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (UM)

2011-14      Volunteer Judge • Great Lakes Bowl, National Ocean Science Bowl

2011-13      Volunteer • 826michigan Writing Workshops

2011-12      Elected Representative • Executive Committee, EEB Department (UM)

2008-10      Volunteer Judge • Sea Lion Bowl, National Ocean Science Bowl

2008-09      Volunteer • Marine Science Institute, Earth Day on the Bay, San Francisco

2006-07      Volunteer Docent • Richardson Bay Audubon Center, Bay Shores Studies

2006-07      Volunteer • Expanding Your Horizons, Women in Math and Science Fair

2002-05      Volunteer • Big Siblings Program, Madison House, University of Virginia